The Company


GLI is the result of the 20 years’ experience in the logistics industry among its partners. Expertise in the field of International Air and Sea Freight forwarding, Customs Clearance, Project Cargo, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, Cargo Sales Agent, Breakbulk Agent, Project Cargo, Haulage, Marine Insurance, Domestic Freight Forwarding and International Export and Import Consolidation.

GLI provides range of professional services, involves identifying prospective distributors and suppliers and determining effectiveness and accessibility. The company establishes a relationship to customer with more cost-effective and manage fulfillment moving quickly and efficiently.





What we have


FORWARD THINKING GLI develop the ability to make accurate predictions of the possible needs. The company always think and plan ahead.


STRONG NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL SKILLS GLI knows to analyze data and make interpretations that are useful to the client’s needs.


EXTENSIVE INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE GLI equipping with information on the latest happenings and trends to ensure services are running in the most efficient way.


KEEN ATTENTION TO DETAIL GLI ensure services are organized and paying attention to even smallest details.


QUICK FOLLOW-THROUGH GLI ensure delivery gets to where it ought to be. If a problem arises, our team find possible solutions as soon as it can be.


GOOD INTERPERSONAL SKILLS GLI requires to deal with people from all walks of life to make a good connection with everyone transact with.







Our Professionalism

We are very professional and pride ourselves on the valuable and retained relationships we have established.


Commitment to Service

Our levels of service are uncompromised and our team are here to satisfy our clients every related need.



A committed and unwavering operationally history in the trade our smart and hard-earned experience from that of most of our competitors.